Smile More, Live Longer!

It’s no surprise that studies have shown that people who smile more are happier, stay married longer and have better interpersonal communication skills. After all, happy people are, well, happier.

But what may be surprising is that a more recent study showed that not only are smiley people happier, they also live longer!

A study conducted by Wayne State University found that people who smiled a “full smile” involving the whole face (eyes and mouth – officially called a “Duchenne” smile) lived an average of five years longer than those with only partial smiles, and a full seven years longer than those who didn’t smile at all. The study was based on photos of baseball players from 1952, and was controlled for known longevity factors such as body mass index and marital status.

According to the study, players with full smiles lived an average of 79.9 years, almost two years longer than the typical American lifespan.

Previous studies have linked genuine smiles to longer marriages and reduced divorce rates. And even more studies have shown that broad smiles are correlated with reduced stress, improved immune function and even improvements in blood pressure.

Get your smile on. Schedule a massage today or come join us for a yoga class to get your smile on. If you don’t leave smiling, you’re doing it wrong! ;)

For additional information, see this interesting article in Psychology Today:


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