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If you are looking to book a same-day appointment, PLEASE CALL at 360.604.1226. You may also schedule online up to 18 hours in advance of desired appointment time. Whether calling to book or requesting appointments online, we suggest scheduling at least 24-48 hours in advance whenever possible.

At Breathe we offer many types, or modalities, of massage. Most can be mixed together, so feel free to ask your therapist about incorporating the styles that interest you.

Swedish Massage - Swedish massage is primarily used for relaxation and stress-relief. Cream or oil may be applied to the body using lighter pressure massage techniques known as effleurage and petrissage.

Deep Tissue Massage - Deep Tissue massage is used to relieve pain and/or increase range of motion due to injury or repetitive stress. With this type of work, the massage therapist may use forearms, elbows and/or thumbs to apply firm pressure in order to access the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues in the body. Deep Tissue work can be used in conjunction with Swedish massage or by itself. It is a great modality for targeting specific conditions such a frozen shoulder, tendonitis, sciatica or chronic headache.

Pre-Natal Massage - Pre-Natal massage is designed specifically for expectant mothers. We offer Pre-Natal massage with bolsters and pillows either in the side-lying position or reclined on a soft wedge. Side-lying and reclined massage are also great options for clients who may have difficulty or experience discomfort when lying face up on their back or face down on their abdomen. ***Please let us know when booking your massage if you are in need of side-lying or reclined massage so the therapist can prepare the treatment room to fit your needs.

Thai Massage - Thai Massage is a style of massage developed in Thailand that combines massage with deep pressure, assisted stretching and rhythmic compression to stretch and relax the muscles and relieve tension. It is performed on a mat on the floor, and the client wears loose comfortable clothing (see below for more information on Thai Massage).

Cupping Therapy - Therapeutic cupping involves placing one or more plastic cups on the skin and using a pump to create a vacuum that draws the soft tissue up into the cup (other forms of cupping use heat and glass cups). This practice increases blood flow, loosens connective tissue and promotes the flow of energy in the body. Cupping may cause temporary discoloration of the skin as well as soreness, depending upon the degree of suction created by the vacuum and the level of cellular and energetic stagnation. The cups are removed by lifting one edge, which allows air in and breaks the suction. After cupping, the circulatory and energetic systems clear out any residual debris.

Craniosacral - Craniosacral Therapy, or CST, uses a subtle, mindful touch on the different cranial sutures, vertebrae and sacrum. A therapist gently assesses the rhythm at which the cerebral spinal fluid flows, then directs organic movement and self healing. This therapy is often used in conjunction with another modality, such as Swedish or Deep Tissue, but can also be a purely CST session.

Reiki - Reiki applies a healing energy through very gentle touch and manipulation of the auric field above the body. Reiki supports the entire person physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. On a physical level, it relaxes stressed muscles, decreases pain and accelerates healing. Emotionally, it reduces anxiety and stress and increases a sense of well-being. Spiritually, clients state they often feel reborn and clearer about their intentions (see below for more information on Reiki).

What Can I Expect During My Therapeutic Massage?
Before your massage, the therapist will gather information about you, such as any allergies, recent surgeries, illnesses or accidents, whether you are pregnant and what medications you are taking.

After the initial assessment, the massage therapist will leave the room so you may have a few moments to get relaxed on the massage table underneath a sheet and blanket. Only remove the amount of clothing that you are comfortable with before getting on to the massage table. Rest assured knowing that you will remain draped during the session as the therapist will only uncover the area of the body they are working on. We provide space for your personal items and clothing within the massage room.

During the session, the massage therapist will check with you about the pressure of the massage and temperature of the room. Feedback is the key to a perfect therapeutic massage. Feel free to speak up at any time should you need any adjustments. We are here to assist you on your wellness journey! 

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