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Eddie Massage Therapist Vancouver WAI have come to the field of massage therapy after two enlistments in the US Air Force as a heavy equipment operator and 22 years in the high tech sector. After many years working behind a computer monitor, I wanted a change and felt a strong desire to migrate into the medical field.

I came to appreciate the value of body work while recovering from a shoulder injury. I knew the cortisone shots and surgery weren’t the answer and began to find viable alternatives in chiropractic, physical therapy, and of course massage therapy. After six sessions with an exceptional massage therapist, my shoulder went from nearly frozen to nearly normal. I could sleep at night again, I could reach for things on the top shelf, and I could catch a baseball, too. I began to learn so much about my body. I saw new possibilities and a whole new world opened before me. I now regard my body as more of a functional piece of equipment comprised of consistent systems with reliable inputs and outputs. And like any equipment, the body functions best with regular care and maintenance.

I’m a 2017 graduate of the BodyMechanics School of Myotherapy and Massage in Vancouver WA. Their curriculum is heavily focused on treatment in a clinical setting, such as motor vehicle accidents and sports injury. My additional studies have included Active Isolated Stretching, Deep Tissue, and Lomi Lomi. I’ve had exceptional mentors and highly regarded instructors, and some of them are employed at Breathe Yoga and Massage! My technique blends and borrows from these sources.

It gives me a tremendous amount of joy to help others get relief from maladies such as chronic pain, tension headaches, lower back pain, muscle strains or injury, and post-surgery recovery. But I equally enjoy helping others to simply relax, check out, and release that pent up stress we all tend to accumulate. I provide a gentle touch with medium pressure which I tune to the response of individual muscles, because appropriate deep tissue therapy is most effective when the body *relaxes*. I respectfully factor emotional aspects into my work, and I adapt each session to the specific needs of my client.

My wife and I live in Battle Ground, and our children have grown into wonderful educated and busy adults who reside locally. I love living and playing in the Pacific Northwest - yup, I even love the rain :) My interests include mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, snowboarding, surfing, swimming, and traveling.



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