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Jas Pal Yoga Vancouver WAKundalini Yoga opened me up to the awareness of my finite Self within the infinite.

I was dragged to my first Kundalini Yoga class with the attitude that yoga was not for me. I was a dancer, swimmer, hiker, nature lover, and in awe of the Universe, the great unknown, but didn't find the idea of yoga appealing. By the end of that first class, I was calm, elevated and blissed out. Wow. I started taking classes weekly, then bi-weekly.  Then I started attending every lecture-class that Yogi Bhajan taught.  Finally, I took Teacher Training to broaden my knowledge of Kundalini Yoga.  I just couldn't get enough.

I've been teaching ever since.  I enjoy sharing this beautiful space of wisdom, truth and awareness.

Yogi Bhajan brought the ancient Sikh art of Kundalini Yoga to Los Angeles in 1969 from the area in India that is now Pakistan. A great teacher of truth, wisdom, and yoga, he started an organization called "Healthy Happy Holy", affirming that our birthright is exactly that. I agree and have a saying to "specialize in having fun".

I love being here in the Northwest.  I enjoy swimming in the ocean, rivers, waterfalls, and hiking the lush forests and inhaling the clean fresh air, and now playing with Breathe Yoga and Massage.



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