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Natani Chick yoga instructor Vancouver WA


"Traditionally spelled Nataanii, my name is Navajo and means leader. I have approached this meaning to be living by example and inspiring others in a positive direction. It is believed by my family and I that if you are living a peaceful, happy and positive life, others will be drawn to your genuine happiness and feel inspired to live a life most fulfilling as well.

Native American beliefs are similar to the practices of Zen and Yoga, and it is argued that the world has never been more deeply in need of what these traditions have to offer. These ancient cultures of great value, reaching back to the earliest forms of spirituality that were practiced on earth, inspire and fill the need for love, connection and empowerment.

Yoga resonates with me as my calling and my desire to serve and inspire those I practice with. If yoga calls to you, resonates with you, fulfills you... continue and be my friend in the journey of finding your own path to fulfillment."

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