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Greg yoga instructor Vancouver WAMy path to yoga began in the body, with lower back issues, and progressed to a path of self discovery. While trying to alleviate the pain of bulging discs, I discovered – through yoga – immediate, positive effects not just in my back, but in all areas of my life.

I’ve always been a creative person, and I enjoy expressing that in many different ways. I worked as a graphic designer for 17 years. I play guitar when I have free moments. I enjoy the aspects of being connected to the earth through gardening, and growing herbs and veggies. And I embrace the creativity of cooking and baking with fresh, wholesome ingredients, and sharing those interests alongside my wife and our son.

One of my current passions is trying to make the perfect cup of espresso. I like getting lost in the moments of trying to perfect all the steps, getting the grind just right for the beans, and tamping the ground coffee. It’s a very Zen and relaxing experience.

Other things I gravitate toward are reading, exploring Eastern philosophies, science fiction and fantasy movies, and poetry.

My journey through yoga continues each day, and brings an honest awareness of the person I am.
As a teacher and a student of yoga, I look forward to continued growth, and uncovering the deep layers and profound discoveries within yoga.

I’ve found my passion, and I’m excited to share that with the students at Breathe Yoga and Massage



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