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Eileen Shine

Eileen Shine yoga Vancouver WAYoga

"Yoga has been an enormous gift to me. Many years ago I went through a great deal of change (some good, some not-so-good), and yoga was good medicine for me. I had a choice to maintain the status quo (work a corporate job) or do something way off my radar. Because yoga got me through moments of big change, I made the commitment to become a teacher. It was the best choice I made to save me from going down the same ‘ol road. It’s definitely changed my life…for the better.

When you look in the mirror and ask yourself, 'Am I fulfilled?' 'Am I truly being who I am?' If the answer is yes, that’s wonderful! If the answer is no, a yoga practice might be your new home. Either way, yoga is good stuff.

In my class, there’s no ‘have to be flexible, wear the right clothes, or have a fancy mat.' It’s not like that at Breathe anyway. Come as you are.

When I teach, I’m just me. I can be silly. I can be deep. Usually I’m both. I love to include breathing techniques that I believe we can all use…for life. If you have questions or want something from your class experience, I’m here for you.

Through my own yoga practice I continue to grow, and I am forever learning from my teachers and from my students. I remain a thirsty student of yoga, and of life and it’s surprises."

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Gail Lordi

Gail Lordi Yoga meditation Vancouver WA

Yoga | Meditation

"A worldly education of healing and yoga began for me at the Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health, studying Hatha and Vinyasa. I completed yoga teacher training at the Aura Wellness Center and graduated with high honors. As a massage therapist, I apprenticed for two years in Japan to study Shiatsu where I also earned my level 1 Reiki attunement and practiced Zazen meditation. I continue my studies in Thai Yoga and Massage to dive deeper into my yoga practice. In 2018, I began studying innovative movement approaches from Annie Adamson’s Primal Vinyasa ™ Trainings. Annie's teachings have inspired me to utilize these vital skills in my classes, with my massage clients and in everyday life.

I have been a yogini with an adventurous spirit for nearly three decades. I fuse my insight as a massage therapist and practitioner of healing modalities with my career as a dedicated student and teacher of yoga. My seasoned experience in the healing arts channels through me as a supportive energy in my yoga classes. I offer practical guidance of body mechanics and strive for creating balance of the body and mind, maintaining a true respect for diversity.

Off the mat, I enjoy outdoor activities in all seasons and find healing in nature. Gardening, singing, reading, playing music, dancing and spending time with loved ones are all ways I fuel and share my thriving spirit."

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Jessi Gorton

Jessi Gorton yoga instructor Vancouver WA


"I found Yoga while living in Northwest Montana as a teenager in the early 2000's and have been hooked ever since. Following that discovery in my life, I’ve explored many forms of Yoga including Vinyasa, Yin and Hatha, all of which have helped me find a deeper understanding of my body, mind and self both on and off the mat. I now feel so grateful to be able to use my personal Yoga experiences as well as what I've learned through my studies at The Yoga Space with Michele Loew to help others discover their true selves as well.

In my free time you will find me enjoying nature, whether on a trail, in my garden or simply basking in a sunny patch. I’m also a lover of books, cats and archery (not necessarily in that order)."

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Katie Gilluly

Katie Gilluly yoga Vancouver WA


"Namaste, fellow yogis and yoginis! I come to you in this way full of joy and excitement to practice together both on and off the mat. Yoga is so much more than an exercise, and I look forward to sharing and learning together as we practice the way to happiness and well-being.

I began practicing yoga with my mother when I was just twelve years old, and though I resisted the discipline at first, years living abroad studying Buddhism and mindfulness brought me back into alignment with the eightfold path. I earned my teacher certification in Dharamsala, India and brought back my passion for healing and wellness to a few studios in the Seattle area in 2016. I mainly teach hatha, vinyasa/flow, yin, restorative and anusara but I also have explored prenatal, ashtanga, power vinyasa/flow, acro and partner yoga.

I continue my lifelong pursuit of wellness education by studying herbalism, wildcrafting, sacred medicines, meditation and psychosynthesis life coaching. Nothing brings me more joy than to share connection and engagement with life and interest in living in the fullest expression of our vital selves! Om shanti."

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Natani Chick

Natani Chick yoga instructor Vancouver WA


"Traditionally spelled Nataanii, my name is Navajo and means leader. I have approached this meaning to be living by example and inspiring others in a positive direction. It is believed by my family and I that if you are living a peaceful, happy and positive life, others will be drawn to your genuine happiness and feel inspired to live a life most fulfilling as well.

Native American beliefs are similar to the practices of Zen and Yoga, and it is argued that the world has never been more deeply in need of what these traditions have to offer. These ancient cultures of great value, reaching back to the earliest forms of spirituality that were practiced on earth, inspire and fill the need for love, connection and empowerment.

Yoga resonates with me as my calling and my desire to serve and inspire those I practice with. If yoga calls to you, resonates with you, fulfills you... continue and be my friend in the journey of finding your own path to fulfillment."

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Tenaya Virgin

Tenaya Virgin yoga meditation breathwork pranayama qigong Vancouver WA

Yoga | Meditation | Pranayama (Breathwork) | Qigong

"I began studying yoga in 1979 at Saddleback College in southern California. I studied with Sathya Sai Baba in India, learned breathwork from Sondra Ray, studied yoga through the Self Realization Fellowship of Paramahansa Yogananda, yoga with the Nityananda Institute, and Qigong with Supreme Science Qigong. I have been teaching yoga and meditation since 1996.

I primarily teach a form of hatha yoga sometimes called Viniyoga, Vinyasa or Desikachar (named after its founder). It is the oldest form of hatha yoga (over 1200 years old).  This method integrates breath with movement while creating strength and flexibility.

Rather than ask people to conform to an ideal postural form, this tradition makes poses conform to the needs of the individual by utilizing poses/postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and other yoga techniques.

Certifications: Nationally certified in massage therapy (licensed in Washington), I received my training from the International Professional School of Bodywork (an Institute of Psycho-Structural Balance) and the Oregon School of Massage. I also received training in counseling and facilitation from the Sage Corporation and hold an Applied Behavioral Science degree from George Williams College (George Williams was the founder of the YMCA) in Downers Grove, Illinois. I received my Reiki certification through Usui Reiki Ryoho in 2006.

I have worked with chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and medical practitioners. In addition, I have experience as a Master Massage Therapist at the well-known Ritz-Carlton Spa in Laguna Niguel, California and have worked for Club Corporation of America at the Renaissance Club in Phoenix, Arizona and the Courtside Tennis Club in Los Gatos, California." 

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