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Jenessa is a Pacific Northwest native, foodie, wellness fanatic, and big time dreamer. After discovering that yoga, meditation and proper diet helped to manage her anxiety, she aims to help others discover these essential life tools. Her approach is to do no harm and enjoy the growth that naturally follows.

Teaching a range of levels of yoga is just the surface of Jenessa's interest in the art of thriving. Her classes explore the anatomy of the physical body organically through Hatha yoga concepts. Without force and with precision she guides alignment of the body, control of the breath, and calming of the mind.

Jenessa earned her 200 hour registered yoga teacher (RYT) certification from The Lotus Seed in 2013. Since then she has completed a 100 hour immersion learning advanced techniques from Irene Pappas and Daniel Rama, taken anatomy courses, and attended workshops on adaptations for older adults, pranayama, and Ayurveda. 


Amy yoga instructor Vancouver WA restorative yin"Yoga is for everybody and every body." That's the driving philosophy behind Amy's yoga passion. With the proper modification and instruction, she believes there is absolutely no person who cannot benefit from a regular practice of yoga. Her path to yoga began in a preschool classroom where she incorporated various styles of asana and movement-based activities for more than ten years. During that time, Amy began her own practice in a local studio based on the hatha tradition. The combination of practicing and teaching yoga was so transformative that she decided to pursue teacher training. Amy completed her 200 hour RYT certification from Peachtree Yoga Center in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Amy's classes include a mix of gentle movement sequences and supported yin-inspired held postures. Emphasis is placed on the body-breath connection. Props and modifications are utilized and encouraged to support students of all levels in their practice.

Outside of the yoga classroom, Amy enjoys exploring her new home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Kevin, and their four-year-old fur child, Georgia.


Greg yoga instructor Vancouver WAGreg McDonald is a yogi, family man and coffee lover based out of Vancouver, Washington. His teaching style marries breath work, meditative moments and various styles of asana to promote vitality within the energetic and physical bodies. He is passionate about gently inviting movement into daily life and especially enjoys sharing Kundalini inspired concepts.

Coming from a 17 year career in graphic design, Greg’s passion for yoga revolutionized how he designed his life and wellness. After exploring low back pain within his own body through yoga, teacher training was the natural progression so that he could become a vessel to share the wisdom that brought him relief.


I’m from Florida, where I studied financial mathematics at Florida State University. During my college career, I suddenly had some health conditions that were misdiagnosed by my doctors. Since the prescriptions didn’t help, I took healing into my own hands. I started taking yoga classes and immediately noticed positive changes in my body and mind.

Wanting to learn more about yoga and the human body, I completed yoga teacher training in 2014 and continue to practice as well as teach others.

In 2015 I moved to Washington with the hopes of adding more mindfulness and vitality into my life.  I enrolled in massage school and became a licensed massage therapist in 2017.  Throughout my education, I learned the intricacies of the human body that I’d been craving to know and how to manipulate soft tissues in a healing manner. I attended the Bodymechanics School of Massage and Myotherapy in Vancouver, which focuses heavily on the treatment of injuries and goal-oriented focus work. I learned Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi and Injury Treatment styles, all of which I incorporate into my massages.

I use my intuition and analytical skills to guide treatment sessions, and I enjoy working with a wide variety of people. I am grateful to work with such incredible healers at Breathe. It is a gift to come to work and feel loved, as we all do here.


It was only a short while ago after a layoff from my corporate job that I started asking myself tough but insightful questions.  What is my purpose and direction?  Do I go on living the same comfortable life that is safe and predictable?  What really brings me joy and contentment and how can it make a difference to others?  The answer was yoga.

Yoga provides a foundation and understanding of how ancient teachings can be applied to our contemporary lives; that postures, breathing techniques and meditation are rooted in moral principals.  Yoga encourages us to live in harmony and peace with nature, with ourselves and with others, and in a state of wholeness.  My yoga training taught me how to embrace these concepts and to apply them.

After practicing for about eight years with Tenaya, I pursued my RYT200 Yoga Teacher Certification in 2009.  I teach a Vinyasa Flow which is designed for students who are familiar with most foundational postures, as well as beginning pranayama and meditation. I am also a Certified Wellness Coach and enjoy helping people discover and transform limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from reaching their full potential.  I am a member of Off the Mat Yoga in Action, a grassroots organization that leads groups through interpersonal connection work to support and encourage community service.

Through my own yoga practice I continue to grow, and I am forever learning from my teachers and from my students. I remain a thirsty student of yoga, and of life and it’s daily surprises.

My two witty, bright and talented teenage sons are my greatest gifts of love and light.

Tenaya - Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Breathwork

Tenaya is one of the owners of Breathe Yoga and Massage, along with his partner, VeAnne.  Tenaya has had a successful private practice in massage therapy in Vancouver since 1992, with almost 30 years in practice.  In addition, he has been teaching yoga since 1996.

Tenaya began studying yoga in 1979 at Saddleback College in southern California.  He studied with Sathya Sai Baba in India, learned breathwork from Sondra Ray, studied yoga through the Self Realization Fellowship of Paramahansa Yogananda, studied yoga with the Nityananda Institute and Qigong with Supreme Science Qigong.

Tenaya primarily teaches a form of hatha yoga sometimes called Viniyoga, Vinyasa or Desikachar (named after its founder).  It is the oldest form of hatha yoga (over 1200 years old).  This method integrates breath with movement while creating strength and flexibility.

Rather than ask people to conform to an ideal postural form, this tradition makes poses conform to the needs of the individual by utilizing poses/postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama), and other yoga techniques.

Certifications: Nationally certified in massage therapy (licensed in Washington), Tenaya received his training from the International Professional School of Bodywork (an Institute of Psycho-Structural Balance) and the Oregon School of Massage.  He also received training in counseling and facilitation from the Sage Corporation and holds an Applied Behavioral Science degree from George Williams College (George Williams was the founder of the YMCA) in Downers Grove, Illinois. He received his Reiki certification through Usui Reiki Ryoho in 2006.

Tenaya has worked with chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists and medical practitioners.  In addition, he has experience as a Master Massage Therapist at the well-known Ritz-Carlton Spa in Laguna Niguel, California and has worked for Club Corporation of America at the Renaissance Club in Phoenix, Arizona and the Courtside Tennis Club in Los Gatos, California.


Gail Lordi fuses her insight as a massage therapist and practitioner of healing modalities with her career as a dedicated student and teacher of yoga. Her seasoned experience in the healing arts channels through her as a supportive energy in her yoga classes. She offers practical guidance of body mechanics and strives for creating balance of the body and mind with a true respect for diversity.

A worldly education of healing and yoga began for Gail in Massachusetts at the Kripalu Center of Yoga and Health, and she completed her initial yoga teacher training at the Aura Wellness Center where she graduated with high honors. As a massage therapist she apprenticed for two years in Japan to study Shiatsu where she also earned her Level 1 Reiki attunement and practiced Zazen meditation.

Thai Yoga Massage study began for Gail in 2012 in Alaska, which continued when she moved to the Pacific Northwest. In 2018 she completed Primal Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Annie Adamson at Yoga Union. Gail is always continuing her studies through workshops, classes and trainings.

Off the mat, Gail enjoys outdoor activities in all seasons and finds healing in nature. Gardening, singing, reading, playing music, dancing and spending time with loved ones are all ways she fuels and shares her thriving spirit.

"Yoga has opened my heart and enhances my life in so many ways."  ~Gail


Sarah - Anatomy Journeys

Sarah Dance Journeys Sacred Movement Ecstatic Dance Vancouver WAI AM Sarah and I am on a constant quest to embody the subtle balance between action and surrender in order to be evermore present and awake in this short and magical lifetime!

Through my unique lens I study the world by reading, traveling, being with nature and studying my own human body in order to gain insight into what it means to be alive – right now! It is especially true that through the study of the human body I have found my passion of exploring the subtle weaving of body, mind and spirit.

I use my own physical and emotional pain as a tool and a teacher to bring greater awareness to my healing arts; I am an avid student of the Chakras, Shamanic healing practices, and also have a Master level Reiki attunement. I am drawn to the movement practices of tai ji quan, yoga and ecstatic dance as way to explore my own energy centers, edges and boundaries and I invite you to join me!

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