Yoga and Movement Classes

The style of yoga that we teach at Breathe Yoga and Massage varies by instructor, but is a combination of many styles, and heavily influenced by Vinyasa. Vinyasa is also known as "Flow" yoga because the poses generally flow together, in combination with the breath.

Vinyasa Flow is generally very easy to adapt to your own level.  You can generally do it easily and effortlessly at your own pace to create more flexibility, strength and endurance.  And it often has a strong emphasis on relaxation and stress reduction.

Our classes are differentiated by both level and intensity:

Level 1 = no prior knowledge of poses is assumed; beginners are welcome
Level 2 = some prior knowledge of poses is helpful, but not required
Level 3 = some prior knowledge of poses is expected
Level ALL = poses can be adapted to your skill level (more beginner or advanced options can be provided for any pose)

Low Intensity = emphasis is on relaxation, stress reduction, and meditation; will also improve flexibility and some strength
Moderate Intensity = still relaxing, but more likely to get your blood moving; additional emphasis on strength-building and flexibility
High Intensity = emphasis is on energizing -- increased focus on building strength and flexibility, while still providing space for relaxation and stress reduction


Back Care Yoga

Back Care Yoga Vancouver WAThis gentle class will focus on concrete and specific ways your yoga practice can address common symptoms like muscle tension, pain, weakness and restricted range of motion.

In each class we'll emphasize a breath-oriented approach, focusing on bringing well-being to the spine by linking conscious breathing to fluid movements in sequences designed to increase your strength, flexibility and core stability.

The class is great for people with previous back injuries or for those that want to prevent them. If you have a previous back injury, please consult your doctor before taking the class.

Level = 1
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Breath-Centered Yoga

This class will flow in and out of each posture repeatedly, allowing the body to be coaxed in to the depth of a pose by the use of breath, which informs the body in all movements. The class will end with a little extra meditation time, to allow for integration of the energies moved during the class.

Level = 1
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Core Flow Yoga

The core class focuses on strengthening and toning the core muscles – abdomen, back and booty.  Flowing into and out of poses, the postures will help you increase strength and stability, while still providing space for relaxation and stress reduction.

Level = 1
Intensity/Exertion = Moderate

Flow Yoga

Our Flow Yoga classes combine elements of many other types of yoga, focusing on overall flexibility, strength and mindfulness.  Flow yoga is easily customized to the individual, allowing you to choose your own level of exertion.  You will learn poses to assist you in becoming more flexible, creating strength and increasing endurance.  You will begin to let go of tension and relax through breathing techniques and basic meditation.

For those of you who want to know the specific yoga styles, this varies by instructor, but is primarily Vinyasa.  Most of our instructors have training in several different styles of yoga, so will also draw from those.

Level = varies by class and instructor (see the schedule for details)
Intensity/Exertion = varies by class and instructor (see the schedule for details)

Gentle Flow Yoga

Our Gentle Flow Yoga classes combine elements of many other types of yoga, focusing on a gradual progression towards strength and flexibility while giving extra care and attention to students. The flow is practiced at a slower pace with attention to alignment and emphasizing the connection between body and breath. Recommended for all levels looking for a calming flow experience.

Level = All
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga is a relaxing and restorative class focusing on minimizing impact.  Similar to the way a low-impact aerobics class still gives you an aerobic workout, this yoga class will still provide the flexibility and strength-building benefits of yoga, but will take extra care to avoid strain on your joints, back, and any weaker areas.  The instructor will focus on teaching the best ways to move the body to avoid injury and can customize poses specifically for you to create healthy posture and well-being.

Level = 1-2 (appropriate for both beginners and those with some experience)
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Guided Breathing Meditation (Pranayama)

Pranayama Breath workshop Vancouver WAGuided Breathwork (Pranayama) is a class for open-minded, open-hearted explorers of consciousness who are interested in discovering new ways of looking at things in life.

Each class is different and the instructor will focus on exercises such as meditations, visualizations, processes, and conscious breathing that will serve us in our continued growth and in overcoming our limitations.

Please note:

  • Most of these classes will focus on breath work. Please be sure you are in good health (no colds or flu), since we may also be using nostril breathing, which is difficult if congested. In addition to the energetic benefits, breath work can have tremendous circulatory and immune function benefits. But it can also be unfamiliar and at times mildly uncomfortable, especially if you’ve never taken the time to fully experience your breath. This is a great, low stress opportunity to explore your breath more deeply, and learn how it can impact you and the world around you.
  • If you have a respiratory condition, including COPD, please consult with your doctor before enrolling in a breath-centered session.

Level = All
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Note that “Breathwork” is known by many names, including pranayama, conscious breathing, heliotropic breathwork and rebirthing.

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Vancouver WAIn this class we will connect with our deeper selves, become refreshed and relaxed, and aware of the present moment.  The class will be a guided meditation, and the focus and style of meditation will vary each month.

In addition to promoting a deep sense of calm and relaxation, research shows that mindfulness meditation and visualization can reduce blood pressure and other problems associated with stress. You can use it to help reach goals, manage pain and promote emotional and physical healing. You may develop more control of your emotions and thought processes, which will improve your attitude, health, overall sense of well-being, and even sleep.

Recommended: We recommend supplementing your meditation practice with regular yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, walking or cardio classes, because it is quite difficult to calm the mind when the body hurts or is in physical discomfort.

Level = All
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha Yoga class differs from our Flow classes in that it focuses on holding poses for a longer period of time (but not quite as long as Restorative!).  This class will provide you basic yoga poses and the opportunity to fine tune them with detailed instruction.  This class is particularly good for building strength, increasing balance and flexibility, opening up the joints, all while providing the stress reduction of mindful yoga.

Level = All (appropriate for those with some experience or those who want to get some!)
Intensity/Exertion = Moderate

Healing Circle

Activate the healer within you to find resiliency and compassionate self love for all that you are, no matter where you are on your healing journey!

Self-healing is about taking responsibility for your own choices toward wholeness and wellness. Your path is unique, and healing often means something different to each person. A step toward self-healing might be as simple as saying YES to this class.

Come and gather in a circle with other souls who are hungry for healing. In our circular formation, nobody is in front, below, or above, and nobody is behind. You are seen, heard and never alone. Whether your healing is focused physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, this circle is a safe place to practice witnessing yourself and others without judgement.

Sarah will be your guide to empower the healer within you. It's up to you to dive in and "do the work". We will explore wisdom and experiment with techniques that assist us in awakening and embodying the powerful healer within each and every one of us.

Take loving responsibility for your wellness and sign up today!

Please arrive to class 5 minutes early.

Kundalini Chakra Meditation

This practice will begin with Yin yoga postures bringing awareness to your physical and energetic body and breath, while also promoting a clear, calm and comfortable stillness of mind. Then, physical tension will be relieved from the body through the use of Pranayama (breathing techniques), Kundalini yoga, Hatha yoga and sun salutations (flow yoga).

These movements will allow any busy, chaotic or tired mind to achieve tranquility as we ultimately bring attention to your chakras during the Kundalini meditation.

The Kundalini chakra meditation is a blended experience of nurturing, spiritual and physical practices, fusing movement, dynamic breathing techniques, meditation and chanting. Our intention is to improve physical vitality and expand consciousness.

Meditation - Loving Kindness (free community class)

This class is offered free to the community as a gift from the instructor, Chris, and from Breathe.

Loving Kindness (or "Metta") meditation is a form of meditation which cultivates loving kindness first towards the self, then towards those close to us, then out further to those who cause us difficulty and finally to all sentient beings.  While Loving Kindness meditation began as a Buddhist practice (and continues to be a popular form), it is fundamentally non-denominational, and is appropriate for anyone wishing to add a compassionate mindfulness to their spiritual development.

The Sunday class will center on Loving Kindness practice, but will also include some other forms.  All Sunday meditation sessions are open to all and suitable for beginners.  Chris, the instructor, will guide the meditation.

There will be a small number of cushions, mats or chairs available, but many people like to bring their own cushion to sit on to ensure their comfort.

Recommended: We recommend Yoga, TaiJi, Qigong, walking or cardio classes, because it is quite difficult to calm the mind when the body hurts or is in physical discomfort. 

Level = All
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Power Flow Yoga

This class will focus on strengthening and toning, particularly the core muscles – abdomen, back and booty.  Similar to Hatha Yoga and Pilates, this class holds poses in order to build strength.  This class is a higher exertion level, while still retaining the mindfulness of yoga.

Level = 2-3 (appropriate for those with some experience or those who want to get some!)
Intensity/Exertion = Moderate/High

Restorative/Yin Yoga

If you have joint pain, are feeling stressed, anxious or just need time to relax completely, this class is for you.  Using Yin and Restorative Yoga practice along with meditation and breathing techniques, this class takes you to a deeper level of relaxation, allowing both the mind and body time to renew.

This class is particularly good at stretching the connective tissues and opening the joints.  Postures are supported by props and held to allow time for the connective tissues to relax into the stretch.

Level = All
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Vancouver WATai chi is a form of exercise that coordinates breathing and gentle movement to improve the flow of energy throughout the entire body. This gentle exercise form is particularly good for improving balance and proprioception -- knowing where your body parts are relative to the rest of your body and your surroundings.

In addition to reducing anxiety, alleviating depression, and improving mood state, tai chi combines with Traditional Chinese Medicine to manage chronic disease by facilitating a lifestyle that promotes wellness and well-being among people of all ages. Tai chi is easy to learn, self-paced, and non-competitive.

Tai Ji Quan | Andrew Schlabach | Lang Tang, Nepal from Andrew Schlabach on Vimeo.

Level = 1 and 2
Intensity/Exertion = Low-Moderate

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is the perfect class for beginners or those who want additional guidance for growth in their practice. All are welcome - no prior knowledge of yoga is assumed, and extra attention is paid to teaching the proper and healthy way to do poses. We provide all the tools (mats, blocks, blankets, straps) and guidance to begin your successful yoga practice.

Throughout each class, students explore essential facets of asana (movement), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation (connecting with the mind). You will learn the basics to develop a sound foundation for building strength, flexibility and endurance.

Come move, breathe and connect with us!

Level = 1 (no prior knowledge of poses is expected)
Intensity/Exertion = Low

Student Guidelines

Many students prefer to own their own mat, although we do have mats in the studio you're welcome to use.  (Mats are available for purchase as well.)

Some students are very scent-sensitive; therefore, we ask that you kindly not wear perfume, cologne or heavy scents in class.

Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio (symbolic of leaving your 'troubles' at the door) and bring clean, bare feet to your practice time.  Wearing socks is optional, but you will want to remove them during standing poses for safety.

Feel free to wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move and stretch without restriction.

You may want to avoid eating anything except a light snack/meal for about one hour prior to your class.

You will also want to bring a water bottle into the classroom.



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